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Russia, Russia, Russia...

"It’s still possible for gas to be rerouted to the second entry point, Sudzha, allowing European contracts to be fulfilled, it said.

However, it wasn’t yet clear if a decision has been made to re-route flows.

Sokhrankovka accounts for almost a third of the Russian gas that transits through Ukraine to Europe – up to 32.6 million cubic meters per day – according to the operators."

Germany is blaming Russia for delivery problems caused by German sanctions that specifically target Russia's energy sector.

“Too many countries are saying that this is a European war that is not necessary…and therefore the pressure will increase to induce – maybe force – Ukrainians into a bad peace,” says the British PM, from his colonial mission in Rwanda, as he reminds his supporters that more war is good for Ukraine and peace is bad. Catastrophe? For who, Boris?

Notice that this act of economic warfare was taken by Germany in anticipation of Russia's action in Ukraine, but clearly not because of it. Instead of preempting with an act of peace, the EU's interests clearly lie in the domain of violence and punishment, with a first strike attitude towards intentionally hostile relationships.

Why is Democracy, Humanity's best idea, so hard to sell that it requires weapons of mass destruction to promote its expansion?

This is how the EU blackmails Poland. After Poland absorbed the biggest impact of the collapse of Ukrainian society, Brussels now demands that Poland sell its sovereignty for the funds that were already allocated to it.

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White people are the Gorillas of the human world.
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New gains this morning. Russians pushed on passed Myrna Dolyna to the p-66 highway, creating a cauldron inside of which are reportedly 3,000 Ukrainian troops. 🔥🔥🔥
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@adamosophy the blame it on Russia game is being touted by elites and whiners. Doubtful the ordinary person is buying it. The sanctions are on them and the EU is NOT democratic

The EU, unable to convince its members to supress their sentiments of exiting the Union are starting to join the Americans and blaming Russians for weakening EU democracy. One must ask if it is so easy to weaken democracy on such a large scale, without even firing a single bullet, what is the point of protecting it?

Crimes against humanity. Children are being sacrificed.

Toddler tears as the nation's children begin to receive COVID shots

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