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@adamosophy remains to be seen. Talk is cheap, actions count

She's only in a few days and hasn't even had a chance to press her large red button yet, and already they want to throw her out

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Scott Ritter (former US intelligence officer and UN Weapons Inspector) weighs in on Russia’s partial mobilization and a recap of recent history.

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Would be excellent if you copy and pasted the tweet text to see it here instead of asking people to visit external site... at least could read a bit and then choose...

Also a bonus, the link could be "nitter" links so we don't expose ourself when clicking: Try this...

so this post could be sent to the 100's of users as this for example
instead of

So as a bit of 'methodology'

1- the text saves us going back to Twitter which your profile has a shit ton of listed so could change your ways a bit (not hating but do the math on click damage

2 use as a legit way to help minimise a lot of this same stuff that oppress / fund them)

Just considering better ways would be cool. Thanks,

Much thanks to @I_Katchanovski for his important research into the logically explicable conflict dynamics unfolding in Ukraine

Meloni's Bertolini, 2019:
"The EU must be reconquered, and countries like Italy must insist that their interests and dignity be acknowledged. To date, the EU has acted against our needs, leaving e.g. France to trade to the detriment of other Member States"

When the general spoke against the EU 3 yrs ago, it sounded neutral on NATO. Now that EU has surrendered to NATO's war against Russia, it's either all in or all out. His comments sound different now.

Erdogan is so unreliable, that when he refuses publicly to recognize the absorption of the independently voting republics, it is almost a sure sign that he will quickly turn as soon as this bargaining maneuver fails to get him a bone from ...

Italian media cites Russian media that referenda are valid, but while more than 50% turnout for Donetsk, Luhansk, and Kherson, only 25% in Zaporizhia. Kiyv's claims of coercion seem to be evident only where it is currently holding some ground.

RussiaUkraine War, analysis by General Bertolini: "Putin repositions himself on real targets. Kyiv? Tactical and political diversionary maneuver" - S Chronicles

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