TVN has become the bastion of black magic in Poland. The entire staff must be held responsible for this blatant propaganda and manipulation.

Koronawirus w Polsce. Omikron w czołówce chorób zakaźnych. Profesor Krzysztof Pyrć: zakaźność na poziomie wirusa odry - TVN24

Make no mistake about it. This is what California's bolsheviks are trying to accomplish in modern society.

Pavlik Morozov - Wikipedia

“It’s layer, upon layer, upon layer,” reminds me of line upon line, precept upon precept... Bidenism is the new Communism...

Cargo Ships Wait Off Coast of Mexico as Supply Chain Delays Worsen

Voracious and insatiable, NATO continues it's expansionism Eastward trying, again, to justify its existence through never-ending conflict.

Here parasitic NATO is using would-be regional partners for peace, transforming us artificially into regional partners in hostilities, and grabbing some more lands for Lebensraum along the way...

Baltic Nations Send US-Made Weapons to Ukraine Amid Russian Threat

America has a history of betting on the worst possible of all options and continuing with the Brzeziński family's Fearmongering campaign to isolate and punish Russia is no exception to the rule.

Mark Brzeziński, ambasador USA w Polsce, jest już w Warszawie. Zdjęcia - TVN24

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I laugh at their attempts to tear down the country.

If people did not have hope that Trump was putting together a response that we can all get behind, many would have already gotten busy with their own responses.

The left have no idea what they are messing with. They think they are the badasses in control.

Patriots have barely gotten started yet.

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Gaslighting. POTATUS may be wandering around with poopy drawers, unaware of his surroundings, but this story is the cover for an utterly deliberate attempt to kill liberty globally.

The good news is that they have no other plan, no way to adapt, and it is all falling apart, no matter how many gig leaves that CNN or others attempts to hang on it all.

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I'm so happy to see that there are young people that understand sarcasm.
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Pelosi's pick for chair the Transportation Committee is an 84 year old woman who can't park a car.

From Gateway Pundit

Pelosi’s Top Pick For Chairwoman of the Transportation Committee Repeatedly Crashes Her Car Into Parked Vehicle, Walks Away

Amazing! Student mocks insane adults:

"Thank you for teaching students that our own mental health is much less important than making triple vaccinated adults feel safe."

"Thank you for teaching us that we should never question authority or think, critically."

It is unbelievable how this fake plannedemic is being used to give governments the power to end individual freedoms and privacy.

25 Federal Agencies Tracking Employees With Religious Exemption Requests

The EU's punitive cannibalism. This is open economic warfare coming directly from Brussels (Germany). With friends like this, Poland does not need enemies. We need to talk to Russia about this.

Despite many deaths, UK government refuses to investigate further until "more reliable data is available"

Open Letter to the MHRA Regarding Child Death Data – HART

If it walks like a duck and it talks like a duck, it is most likely a duck.

Niemcy. Protest antyszczepinkowców. Transparenty z napisami "szczepienie czyni wolnym" - Polsat News

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