It is clear from what _elenskyy, himself, has published, that Ukraine was in the middle of a very violent civil war in mid-February, immediately prior to Russia's initiation of their military activity on February 24th. It doesn't make any sense to accuse Russia of invading if there is already a war going on right on their border in which mostly Russian speaking people are being bombed. Russia uses the language of "special operation"...


It doesn't describe anything, as would be expected in a time of war. America called its invasion of Iraq stupid things like Desert Storm and Desert Shield. So what. Obviously America didn't call their invasion of Iraq, "The American Invasion of Iraq". That's why the name of this conflict is not important...

What IS important is that 8 years of military violence right on Russia's border was tolerated for reasons that no other military in the world would be able to justify. When it finally came out directly from the mouth of the leader of Ukraine, it was no longer possible to hide, even though _elenskyy, himself, wasn't allowed to openly declare his NATO boss's intention to use his country as a battlefield for the organization's plans of expansion...

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"On the morning of February 17, the self-proclaimed republics of Donbass and the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) accused each other of shelling."

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