@D00B @adamosophy because it's almost entirely isolated to male homosexuals and the warts are on the genitals and anus

this is literally the only coverup part of this, MSM is downplaying that the whole mini-epidemic is spread almost entirely via gay men, that's why it seems "fake" or "suddenly appearing all at once"
@D00B @adamosophy yes, just do a bit of digging and use logic, they think it's a variant that has mutated somehow, normal monkeypox doesn't generally spread like a sexual disease but this does and it has made inroads in many countries via men who have sex with men (small world effect combined with male gay promiscuity)

this does not make it safe for the rest of us because there's no indication that this variant can't spread via nonsexual contact like monkeypox usually does
@whiteline @adamosophy a bunch of those vaccines also had chimp viruses in them
@adamosophy I keep hearing this, but the actual number of "Monkey Pox" cases are so incredibly tiny. Like I still think these new drugs (that are not vaccines) are terribly untested and should be pulled from the market, but the whole Pox thing seems independent. Monkey Pox has been around a while, but it's typically not a big deal, and no one really cares. It's being made big for a reason.

Also did everyone forgot about the US lab that had actual samples of small pox a few months back?
@djsumdog @adamosophy
> someone will totally weaponize smallpox guys
> woops a lab dumped a truck full of pox chimps on the street guys
> lol oh man we found a bunch of pox samples unsecured in some random closet
> we need a global lockdown treaty guys

@icedquinn @adamosophy I feel like everyone forgot about the truck crashing with a ton of monkeys and the girl getting sick after interacting with one.
@djsumdog @adamosophy reminder that all gun owners must be punished for shootings but the CDC can dump pox chimps on the street and nobody even questions this
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