Remember when @kimdotcom promised various big promises and never delivered?
I dont know how to find it now but I remember him promising several big reveals when trump was president and nothing came of jt
Those were not promises. You cannot find promises, I followed his entire presidency, I read his web, and I watch his rallies.

A lot of what he predicted became true, becoming true. His credibility largely comes from that he does not make promises, and when he does he keeps a record. I think everyone heard him repeating this a million times.

He did not make promises, he made predictions.
I call this Omen.
I misread your tread, my apologies.
I never follow any talking-head, not even those who do awesome work like Maria or Tucker, or Dinesh.. so I would not know who or what KimDotCom is, I really do not care.

But I do defend Trump. He was booted from Social Media, from Banks, from Clubs - and when this happened his credibility sky-rocketed. When political opponents trying to silence each other everyone with at least a half-brain must start paying attention.
The best endorsement of Trump and Assange etc is how much the institutions hate them.
The facts are with those who learn to read, not with those who write. Even when they censor by hiding information, the facts are in-between the lines, right?


Do you support Trump's assassination of an Iranian military official and his bombing of Obama's and Clinton's targets in Afghanistan, Syria, and others


Islam is a Crime Against Humanity, so is Communism, so is Anarchy. All these are extremist and infinitely deceptive, they have no place in the 21st Century.

@FourOh-LLC @threalist

So you don't support freedom of expression unless you personally agree with what other people express

I invite you to go to any UAE state, stand on a busy platform with a sign that say "Allah is agoatfukker". Then come back to the USA, and do the same with a sign "Jesus was a koksukker".

Lets see who tolerates what.

@FourOh-LLC @threalist

If I understand you correctly, you highly value the right to be insulting both abroad AND at home. And, from your previous comments, you support Trump's right to feel the same way. I would never want to live in a country that values its entitlement to go to the UAE or any other country and use such self-characterizing language. Your desire to live in a country that values such behavior between its citizens is the only introduction you need to offer people.

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