You can ask OpenAI's ChatGPT (AI chat bot) all sorts of interesting questions

@adamosophy most people are asking it softball questions that arent a threat. those who get serious get told thst it against its program to talk about forbidden topics.

ask it to explain why the holocaust is mathematically impossible to be true, why marxists use race denial as a weapon, or why jewish power is a forbidden topic

@spiritsplice ok, those specific 3 questions should not be asked an inanimate chat app because they require an opinion in order to parse out the questions, themselves. You're going to be told that the AI system doesn't have an opinion. I wouldn't be surprised if the same race denying Marxist Jewish power that fudged the holocaust numbers is behind OpenAI

@adamosophy no they dont. they are objectively quantifiable facts.

and others have already demostrated it has a leftoid, establishment bias, which means it isnt a real AI, it is a psyop.

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