Another one bites the dust. Westington's Ukrainian franchise seems to be replacing its managers faster than a fast food joint.

You can ask OpenAI's ChatGPT (AI chat bot) all sorts of interesting questions

If Ukraine attacked Poland, it is because these countries put guns, bombs, tanks, jets, and missiles into the hands of military children and nothing less than childish irresponsibility should be expected from such adult insanity.

If there are no nazis in Ukraine, then why would Israel and Poland both write joint letters each to denounce them?

's Lebensraum in Germany needs a flag to celebrate the shift from blatant bombs to black market bonds as weapons of uncontested subjugation and otherwise peaceful plunder of Europe's industrial engine.

has always been about keeping Russia out and keeping Germany down. Brzeziński should see them now.

BREAKING: Texas Gov. Abbott Declares Invasion At Southern Border

means not having to say you're sorry for resurrecting in our day the same western Golem that terrorized all of Europe and beyond and was responsible for executing the entire cannibalistic 2nd WW.

Membership is open for being on the right side of History and futurists are applying

No donations? The ZioNazis are abandoning their Ukrainian toy soldiers in the field just like their German predecessors did in the last war. Sometimes history repletes itself with even synonymous rhymes. Western Ukrainians were owned so often, they're used to it by now.

As if that's not bad enough, now they are attacking them directly in their own MSM!

This is not the first time Zelensky is pressured to stop senselessly sending Ukrainians to their deaths. Let's see if this time Odessa will be spared. We've made progress at ZNPP. Let's hope this trend continues...

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