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New brands in Russia:
Tbf, I would love to see them here, too. ;-)

It is sad to see Poland stand out so proudly in support of what the rest of the world clearly will not support. It is not Russia that is isolating itself. It is NATO that is isolating its own members and we shouldn't be surprised if members begin to fall away on a more official level.

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And it isn't only Putin who has abandoned the Atlantacist script. Many Asian nations, India, Turkey, China, members of the African Union - represending most of the continent, South American nations, and even NATO's own EU members, some of which share the Black Sea with Russia (and for this reason) have also dropped NATO's playbook of "micro-aggressive" policies aimed at isolating and containing Russia.

NATO is obviously and expressly disinterested in peace with Russia for the same reason that Batman is disinterested in peace with his authorized enemies, not to even speak of a final victory.

NATO's mafia style "protection" comes with a price that must be perpetually justified by a perpetual enemy. The stage is being set for a repeat performance, but the actors refuse to play along.

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What could produce more peaceful security and stability to Europe than to be in a peacefully secured alliance with Russia, the world's second most powerful military, and who is already peacefully aligned with China, the world's third most powerful military. The addition of Russia and China into NATO would surely be more beneficial than adding Sweden and Finland. It would also make Sweden and Finland more secure by simply removing any chance for violence anywhere in their region of the world.

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NATO's charter is to defend the security and stability of Europe. But refusing to allow Russia to join and then spontaneously fast-tracking Sweden and Finland into NATO, precisely to strengthen Europe's opposition to Russia, reveals that NATO has a different agenda, on the ground.

In the final analysis, only a dictatorship will be able to defend a democracy. Democracy, obviously, is unable, by definition, to tolerate any opposition. As the arbiter of "diversity", it will not be diversified.

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Ukraine has finally silenced the last significant voice of political opposition, establishing Kiyv and Zelensky as a de facto dictatorship

Bulgaria is divided and increasingly dividing over the war in Ukraine. Many Bulgarians believe Ukraine's government is using them to pay for Kiyv's irresponsibility. Bulgaria's essential tourism economy is suffering and Ukrainians are being told to go home.

We are following the failed US empire into its own grave and we're also holding the shovel that we paid for.

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