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NATO's forces continue to shell civilians in Donetsk. Not a military target anywhere

NATO's Nazis redirected the Ukrainian missile into Polish territory

The dirt on Zelensky before he turned into a Russophobe. One way or another, he needed to slip into an different character to distract us all from his previous one.

The bridge bombers have decided to build something, finally. The method is different but the goal remains the same, to follow NATO's century old tradition of divide and conquer... NATO's progressives in Ukraine are taking Europe back decades into the past.

When sees this in any other country it is appalled. But if it's the NATO darling holding 500 million Europeans hostage until they join its unprovoked attack on defenseless ethnic Russians, then it is justice being brought to Putin's agents.

Eva Bartlett joins Scott to discuss NATO's latest false flag provocation as...

Missiles crash in Poland | Ukraine ramps up provocations | Report from Donetsk | Scott Ritter Show - Invidious

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Even King Solomon in all his glory couldn't get away from Democrat's

Song Of Solomon 6:11 "I went down into the garden of nuts..."

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After all these precision strikes against innocent and defenseless civilians for the last 9 yrs, anyone who believes elensky accidentally fired one missile into Poland is intentionally self-blinded...

's Lebensraum in Germany needs a flag to celebrate the shift from blatant bombs to black market bonds as weapons of uncontested subjugation and otherwise peaceful plunder of Europe's industrial engine.

has always been about keeping Russia out and keeping Germany down. Brzeziński should see them now.

It is hard to miss the patterns and even the common denominators of the last century of manufactured intl crises followed by regime change, with or without continuity of government... the more chaos, the more profit. Kyiv will be sadly added to this list.

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@adamosophy Evil doesnt exist outside the human mind. Nor does morality. Everything that is happening, is happening to god. What could be more fair than that?

BREAKING: Texas Gov. Abbott Declares Invasion At Southern Border

Actually, Hitler was a liberal but he was only just getting started before he was stopped by Russia. Had he been able to accomplish his Lebensraum, a concept he borrowed from studying the Yankee expansion to the Pacific Ocean, he would have brought about a very progressive culture for his people, as long as they're white.

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