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This was 4 yrs ago. The EU has been trying to organize NATOstan against Russia for a long time now. The real war has always been a NATO proxy war, either through the EU or, if not, through Ukraine.

This is what Bibi is ejaculating into Peterson's mouth and Peterson is swallowing the whole load

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The best response to Peterson's ignorant kissing of Bibi's ass ( is Natali Cohen Vaxberg's visit to Yad Vashem:

But more to the point, Walid Khalidi sets the record straight...

...not that Peterson cares

The digital Euro is coming quickly for fear that the centrality of the ECB is threatened by the undefinable world of crypto

@theguru8, how can you justify your position against Assange? He is imprisoned for years without a trial and you continue to accuse him without due process.

Max Kolonko on Zelensky's murderous NATO ways and Duda's complicity in their ongoing unfolding.

The bitter truth about the EU and the "European Project"

Properly interpreting the "inter" national rules based order. The USA makes the rules "inter" nations and the nations follow their orders. .

If Ukraine attacked Poland, it is because these countries put guns, bombs, tanks, jets, and missiles into the hands of military children and nothing less than childish irresponsibility should be expected from such adult insanity.

Our favorite Banderite is back in the news again and even 🇵🇱is peeved about his new promotion. Melnyk is now 🇺🇦's interface to the world. 🇷🇺 will ask for recognition of their new territories while 🇺🇦 continues to require the world to embrace Banderism.

Diplomacy with China or Realpolitiks with their pitbull next door. will choose one or the other depending on how much longer CFR finds value in protecting their stateside investments .

North Korea’s Hwasong-17 with range of 15,000 km can hit entire US mainland

If there are no nazis in Ukraine, then why would Israel and Poland both write joint letters each to denounce them?

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