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We're only just getting started! Our Mastodon social media platform merely sets the tone for what's coming next. Very soon, the Academy also offers our own PeerTube video hosting platform, https://watch.kcl.academy, and everyone can have as many channels as they want. Shortly after that, we'll launch our own Funkwhale unlimited music hosting platform and then we'll publish our own WriteFreely long form blogging platform. Finally, we'll introduce PixelFed, our federated photo sharing platform. If you can think of any other ways in which we can grow our community, please contact the Academy at kclacademia@gmail.com

We're not focused on growing deep and we're not hoping for a large population on this platform. What we're aiming for is quality. We would like our members to create meaningful conversations, share significant knowledge and valuable understanding, and find ways to connect with each other to explore collaboration.

Tell your friends to get local about social. It's time we started marking off our own territory, defining ourselves, and doing it openly and intentionally. When the like-minded link arms, the world connect. Let's start off by linking ourselves to change the way we socialize online. Instead of the oblivious PR campaigning of big brand socials, we have a chance to create our own content, cultivate our own culture, and curate our own context. The Academy is for us to be able to step out of the corporate campus in our minds and take hold of the reins of reality for ourselves, as a community.

With much a do about freedom of speech, these days, we mustn't neglect our own responsibilities. A platform free of coercion and manipulation cannot be free of cost. Who pays for freedom? We do. Each of us. And in the same symbolic way, the Academy requests your economic support to keep this platform free of advertising, fundraising campaigns, and other unnecessary detractors. Please support our project by donating towards the natural costs of hosting and maintaining our robust platform. As we strive for high availability and performance, we want to trust our community to help us put together the necessary solutions to keep the Academy always responsive to our community's needs.